Town Branch bourbon smooth, light and fruity

A bottle of Town Branch Bourbon appeared at a recent gathering of friends. It’s a new bourbon from Dr. Pearse Lyons, the president and founder of Alltech, the global animal health and nutrition company in Lexington.

Town Branch Bourbon

Town Branch Bourbon launched in October, 2011. It is named for the stream the runs through and beneath Lexington.

Town Branch is the creek that runs through Lexington, below Rupp Arena in Lexington.

Town Branch was the official spirit of the National Horse Show in Lexington in November. It launched two weeks before the show.

I enjoyed the sips I had that evening a week or so ago. And again today, I had another small sample to refresh my memory of flavors. There was a crisp, fruity, cherry aroma and similar initial taste. It seemed to be lacking a smokey depth and richness. I tasted a new-wood freshness at the end without any significant spice or burn at the end. Town Branch seemed to have some similar characteristics as Elijah Craig

It’s fun trying bourbons for the first time. You’ll have a general idea of what to expect, but there is always a surprise. Don’t get too locked into one bourbon, at least when you are out for dinner or cocktails. Don’t pass up the chance to sample a bourbon you’ve never had before.


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