Corner Creek a complex gem from Bardstown


Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

Don't let the simply understated bottle of Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey fool you for a second. This spirit is spectacular. Don't pass it up.

Back in January at a birthday celebration a bottle of Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey was on the table. I tried it, and it seemed to be quite the thing. Considering there were many beverage and gastronomic distractions competing for my attention that night I decided to hold off writing about any new bourbons I sampled that night until sometime later when I could devote more “attention” to each one.

Well, I’m sorry I waited so long to get back to Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey. This spirit is packaged in a an understated bottle that looks like one holding a Chardonnay or Rose’. The simple packaging belies the bouquet delivered in a glass.

It is nothing but wow.

The blend of the obligatory 51 percent corn with wheat and rye comes in at 88 proof of pure delight. There is a lot of cherry fruit and creamy vanilla that carries right through to the end. There is no bite or spice on this one.

The Bardstown-based distiller’s website says their reserve is a combination of their best barrels and is produced in limited quantities.

Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey map

You can find Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon in all but a few states.

At about $25, this one is a bargain. If you see this on the shelf somewhere, grab it quickly.

You can find Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey in all but a few states in the U.S. plus Canada and Russia.

A big thanks and shout out to my friends Fred and Suzi Dolt for snagging a bottle to bring to the birthday party.


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