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Every week almost there is some kind of bourbon-related event happening not just in Kentucky but across the country. They are often a great way to learn more about bourbon and just meet some fine people.

Sometimes the Master Distiller is on hand to talk about their work. I’ve chatted with Lincoln Henderson with Louisville Distilling Company, the company behind Angel’s Envy, and Jim Rutledge with Four Roses. Both of these guys seem to love their jobs and love talking about their product and bourbon in general.

Bourbon Sips Calendar

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But there are other events too that deserve some attention. I’ve been to numerous events where a bourbon product of some sort is part of an auction or silent auction for a non-profit organization. I would love to know about these events where bourbon plays a roll.

For example, I wrote about Buffalo Trace a few weeks ago packaging a Millennium bourbon, that was barreled on December 31, 1999. They have been offering a special package to non-profit organizations to auction. If you are one of those organizations that will be offering the Millennium Bourbon, let me know about your event so it can be listed in the BourbonSips calendar. You can see upcoming events in the rail on the right. There is also an EVENTS navigation across the top of the page that lists more.

The event submission form is in this link.


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