Woodford Reserve is dressing up

For over 32 years I’ve been in Kentucky, first attending college at Western Kentucky University and then beginning my career. I’ve been on the back roads driving, sightseeing and, years ago making photographs. I’ve see sorghum being produced. I’ve seen it on the store shelves. Never tempted to try it.

BIG mistake. Not until about two years ago did I taste sorghum.

Like bourbon, I now believe sorghum is one of the nectar of the gods.

There was little hesitation when I heard there was a sorghum vinaigrette salad dressing now available. I had to try some.

The Woodford Reserve Sorghum Vinaigrette Dressing is now available. It was developed by Chef-in-residence Ouita Michel for the famous Bourbon Academy Salad. Michel joined with Bourbon Barrel Foods to produce the product.

It is simply flavored with Kentucky sorghum, apple cider, vinegar, Woodford Reserve bourbon and some other seasonings including hot sauce.

The dressing was incredibly mild with subtle flavors. Neither the sorghum nor bourbon overpowered the salad I made at home. Actually I was hoping for just a little more of the sharp sweetness of the sorghum.

Over the holiday weekend I grilled watermelon with balsamic vinegar. Next time I try the grilled watermelon I will certainly use this Woodford dressing.

An 8.4 ounce bottle with one of those mechanical stopper tops retails for #5.99 at the distillery gift shop in Versailles, Ky.

Here’s the recipe for the Bourbon Academy Salad:
Limestone Bibb lettuce
Fresh sliced oranges or strawberries
Toasted pecans
Thin sliced red onion
Assemble all items, and drizzle dressing over the top.

I have some pork tenderloin in the refrigerator. This dressing will be used to marinade that before it hits the grill this weekend.


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  1. Joyce Pinson says:

    Sorghum is one of my all time favorite ingredients! It makes the best gingersnaps ever! Congrats to Woodford Reserve and Chef Ouita Micheal for bringing tastes of Kentucky to new markets!

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