Flaming bananas with bourbon whiskey

Flaming bananas and bourbon whiskey, yum.

This recipe is really quite simple and quick. Don’t be scared, but do be careful. Again, be careful.

Photo Credit: Banana Diet on Flickr, Creative Commons.

This dessert seems to have turned into a holiday treat with friends. A couple years ago we had flaming bananas on New Years Eve. Then, a couple weeks ago I dusted off the recipe for the Fourth of July with our friends Dave and Laura.

• Couple ounces of bourbon
• Couple tablespoons of butter
• Couple tablespoons of brown sugar.
• Banana cut into large pieces.
• Good vanilla ice cream

Over medium heat melt the butter in a sauce pan. Stir in the brown sugar, melting it in the butter. Now add the bananas. Finally — away from flame — add the bourbon. Return the pan to the burner. You can tilt the pan a little toward the flame or fan the alcohol vapors toward the flame.

The alcohol will flame blue and then burn away. When the flames are out you’re almost there.

Add the mixture mixture to the ice cream.

Serves two.

The bourbon does not overpower the dish. It is perfect. Would you expect anything else with bourbon as a key ingredient?

Anyone hungry?

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