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Looking over the list of the many blogs on courier-journal.com there are wide-ranging topics from finance to recruiting and environment to dining. Surprisingly  absent from the many blogs is one on the topic of Bourbon.

Considering Kentucky is home to the majority of distilleries in the U.S., and considering Bourbon is the main ingredient in the adult beverage served for world’s most famous horse race, The Kentucky Derby, this is a glaring omission from our stable of blog topics.

White Dog Bourbon Sips is here to fill that void. It is not aged.

The blog title comes from the distilled spirit that eventually evolves into the amber-colored nectar of Bourbon. What eventually becomes what we know as Bourbon begins as a clear alcohol. The golden color and signature taste comes from aging in charred new-oak barrels.

I’m not an expert on Bourbon, and in many ways may be like the majority of you who enjoy Bourbon over Vodka, Gin, Rum. That said, sometimes a good Bloody Mary or Glenlivet Scotch is a good diversion.

While I am not an expert, I keep practicing to learn the nuances of aroma and taste.

Early Times 354

Early Times 354 launched earlier this year. It sells for about $16.

Later today I will be writing up a summary of an unscientific tasting I put together with some friends at a Super Bowl party. I purchased a bottle of Early Times 354 to compare side by side with some other Bourbons I have in the cabinet. In addition to those I had on hand, I picked up a bottle of Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash #1. (Think moonshine)

Briefly, Early Times 354, launched earlier this year and is a new family member Early Times Kentucky Whiskey, which is not a Bourbon but rather a blend of spirits from new and seasoned barrels.

Look for the the discussion of this new Bourbon later today.

Click on the images below to sample some of the interesting names for white dog out there.


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Exploring bourbon one sip at a time and sharing the experience.© Contact me at kdkolarik@bourbonsips.com I've followed the original bourbon trail from my native Pennsylvania, where the whiskey rebellion erupted to Louisville, Kentucky, my current home. Bourbon is now in a revolution of expansion. I'll be bringing you news, information and tasting notes of bourbon from Kentucky and the emerging craft distillers from around the United States. I am photographer, designer and editor. --Kim D. Kolarik
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