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Buffalo Trace distillery sets out dinner for Valentine’s Day

Buffalo Trace oysters

Love is in the air, and so is the sweet smell of bourbon. Make your reservations soon for a special dinner and tasting in celebration of Valentine’s day. On February 11  you might want to head over to Frankfort to … Read More

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Haymarket Whiskey Bar refreshingly simple

The Whiskey Bent Valley Boys

No need to worry about the new Haymarket Whiskey Bar being pretentious. There is no attitude. That’s nice. My friend Dave and I decided that the words whiskey and grand opening gave us plenty of excuse to head down to … Read More

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Does Kentucky hate bourbon?

Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center

Kentucky and bourbon are virtually synonymous. The amber nectar of the gods owes it’s storied history to early Kentucky settlers eager to use ample supplies of corn and cooked with the mineral-rich water flowing through the limestone bedrock of the … Read More

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